Stop Air France Shipping Primates!

Airline Air France Largest Carrier of Primates To USA

Airline Air France is the largest carrier of primates to the US, primates who have been bred for research facilities. Despite knowing where the primates are bound for, AF has repeatedly refused to stop their involvement in this exploitation. Last year alone they shipped 3,274 long-tailed macaque monkeys across to the US. The CEO at the time stated that Air France will not stop carrying primates in the near future. Please tell Air France today that their involvement has to stop for the sake of these animals!


Stop Air France Shipping Primates!

We the undersigned are shocked and outraged that Air France continues to ship primates to research laboratories across the globe. Your actions are supporting the cruel primate slave trade. These primates are been bred and shipped just to be tortured in pointless and wasteful experiments. Some of the things they go through include: being poisoned, cut/sawed open, blinded with chemicals, electrocuted, mutilated etc. The only end that these primates have is death. We urge you to make the compassionate decision that many other airlines have made and stop your invovlement with this horrific trade.

For more information on signing the above Petition Please Click here now

Please join this facebook page if you use facebook to spread the word about primate shipping. Air France is not the only one who does this! Click here

You can email Protection 4 Animals by clicking here

Protection 4 Animals

Petition To Stop Air France Shipping Monkey's To USA

Protection 4 Animals Supports The Care2 Petition To Stop Air France Airlines Carrying Monkey’s To The USA.
You can email Protection 4 Animals by clicking here


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