Joanna Lumley Joins Campaign To Save UK Animal Sanctuary

Joanna Lumley Joins Campaign to Save Farm Animal Sanctuary

Actress Joanna Lumley is also an animal advocate, having spoken out against the horse carriage industry and long-distance livestock transport.

Joanna Lumley Joins Campaign to Save Animal Sanctuary in UK

Now Lumley has joined a growing campaign to save Britain’s The Farm Animal Sanctuary. According to Horse Talk. , the organization run by Janet Taylor is the oldest sanctuary for farm animals in the country, and Taylor is now facing eviction from her farm after fourteen years. The owner originally purchased the farm and gave the land to the sanctuary for their use, but now wants to take the land back.

The Farm Animal Sanctuary is currently home to 635 animals who may be euthanized if the campaign is not successful. Lumley, a patron of the sanctuary, says “I have been an admiring and constant supporter of the Farm Animal Sanctuary for 25 years. It has always struggled to keep its noble head above water, placing the welfare of neglected and damaged animals at the heart of its operation. This is a body blow that has left us all reeling.”

She has asked the farm owner to reconsider the decision to evict Taylor and her beloved animals. “There is nowhere for the animals to be moved to, even if they were well enough due to age and other welfare conditions to be relocated. I appeal to the good nature of the owner of the farm to show compassion and reverse the decision to evict Jane, her loyal workers and the animals they care for with such devotion. It is a cruel option to adopt in the current financial climate and with winter ahead of us.”

In an update on the sanctuary’s website, Taylor writes “Our animal and birds could face a very real threat of euthanasia. On their behalf we continue to campaign to procure a secure environment in which they can all live out their lives, we will not stop. In order to do this our legal costs are mounting and will continue to do so. We appeal to you all to please, if you can, to continue your support and to enlist the support of others. On behalf of the animals and birds here, thank you.”

Source: ecorazzi


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