Son Films Father Clubbing Dog To Death

Sadistic Father Clubs Neighbours Dog To Death in Limoeiro, Brazil

A Bleeding Dog Crying in Helplessness, Fear and Pain Clubbed Repeatedly On Its Head By Man, While Son Films and They Both Laugh.

The Poor Defenseless  Dog Dies After Repeated Fatal Blows By The Killer While Both The Killer and The His Son Videotaping The Murder, As There Both Heard Laughing As If Enjoying The Barbaric  Act.

Unreported in major newspapers in the country or any English media, Houston News reports a shocking crime story that has been made public on blogs in Brazil.

Humans sometimes can be as low and barbaric in reality as these words mean in a dictionary. You might think this, at first, an overstatement about the most “advanced” form of life, as they have been called. But what has been reported from Brazil lately is more than enough to attest the intensity of the statement in question.

The incident caught on tape was viewed in this shocking video of a man killing a dog in vegetation off the road. The bleeding dog is seen crying in helplessness, fear, and pain while the shirtless man clubs it repeatedly on its head and muzzle, his son tapes the video from above.

Laughing While Father Clubs Dog To Death While Son Films

Laughing While Father Clubs Dog To Death While Son Films

The dog soon dies after repeated fatal blows by the killer while both the killer and the guy videotaping the murder laugh as if enjoying the act.

Blogs in Portugese, dated April 23rd, inform that the incident happened in North Limoeiro and the Dog Killer in the video has been identified by the police; however, they are not revealing his identity and calling him a supposed name of Antonio Medeiros; while his son taped the incident.

The blog also tells that the blood was spilled just “for fun”.

The victimised dog is said to be owned by a lady named Ivone Maria of Pond Carnaúbas who, upon identifying the dead body of her pet, went to the civil police in North Limoeiro to “file a complaint” against her neighbour, who according to her account was the one committing the horrid act.

However, As Reported Previously From This Country, POLICE Hardly Takes Interest In Doing Their Duty !!!!!

Here too, they kept prevaricating on the woman’s report until several visits were made to the police station by the lady and an outrage started in the city when the video was posted on blogs and citizens started reacting.

At the time of the latest blog about the killing, the Killer was still at large even though the Police ‘knew’ about his identity.

While updates will be provided on availability from Brazil, to remind readers, North Limoeiro is the same Limoeiro do Norte whose hotels keep inviting foreign tourists to stay there and enjoy their travel and the beauty of its flower bouquets is praised on flower-selling websites.

How Enjoyable Can It Be Staying in a Place Where Police Do Not Arrest Sadistic Killers of Helpless, Innocent Animals?

How beautiful are its flowers, red in the blood of victims of brutality and stinking of it? These and many questions can be raised and should be raised now, for silence over murder is akin to playing accomplice in the crime.

At the moment, only a handful of caring people, like those running Dogs in Brazil, are working for helping the troubled, Victimized Dogs in the country and a lot more needs to be done to save the canines from human neglect and cruelty in the country.

Source: Houston Texas News

(Note: The video below contains Strong Violent Content. Do Not Watch if you are Faint of Heart or Sensitive.) Source: Youtube

Man named Antonio medeiros kills dog beaten by pure cruelty in the city of Limoeiro do norte Ceará in the community of white stone.


2 comments on “Son Films Father Clubbing Dog To Death

  1. Cruel! creuel troll! these trolls are killing the earths energy…they are drowning the earth in oceans of blood…
    Creuelty like this should not existe, not in 2012, but it does and and it thrives like never before. Shamefull! give something good to man, your sure he will destroy it for his own greed. 😦

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