Doberman Cruelty Charges

16 Dobermans, 3 Found Dead, 13 Rescued

13 Dobermans Dogs are now in the care of the Broome County Humane Society after being rescued from terrible conditions.

The Dobermans were found trapped in crates and covered in feces and urine at 200 Shaw Road in the Town of Conklin. The Humane Society and State Police say that is the home of 61 year-old Christine Macan. Animal Cruelty Investigator Tarah Tripp says there was no visible food or water when she went inside. And, she found the remains of three other dogs that had been dead for a while. Macan has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty, which is a felony.

Tarah Tripp says, “The home was unsanitary and uninhabitable for humans and animals. All the dogs were kept in crates and extremely emaciated and had open wounds and were in need of vet care.  The smell inside the home was just overwhelming power smell of feces. The animals and dogs were covered in feces and urine burns.”

In another room, remains of other animals were found. They had been dead so long, the Humane Society couldn’t identify what they were. And, in one of the house’s windows, you can see maggots stacked up on the inside. Several hamsters and a rabbit were also rescued. It will take at least several months to nurse the dogs back to health. When healthy enough, they will be up for adoption.

The Humane Society was already at capacity before it took the Dobermans, so right now they are being housed outside. The organization is asking for the community’s help. The Humane Society says it needs monetary donations and pedigree dog food. If you’d like to help out or adopt, you can stop by its location at 2 Jackson Street in Binghamton. Or log onto The Humane Society

Source: Dog Cruelty Charges

Protection 4 Animals Worldwide

Protection 4 Animals Worldwide

Protection 4 Animals supports the total banning of the Fur Trade. Currently while officially Dog and Cat Fur is banned in many countries, this does not apply to the Raccoon Dogs being Skinned Alive for their Fur.

Make no mistake this is a Barbaric process carried out by Brutal Chinese workers, that Beat the Dogs with Iron Bars, Kick Stomp, Slam them against concrete walls/floors to stop them struggling. 

Then the Fur is Slowly Torn from their bodies in the most agonising and sickening way. They are then thrown to one side where they suffer the most horrendous deaths, that can last up to 3 hours.

Please Sign Our Petition To Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive and Suffering a Slow, Sickening, Horrendous Deaths. Click Here To Sign Our Petition These poor animals need your support, tell all your friends and family, thank you.

You can Email Protection 4 Animals by Clicking Here.


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