3 Children Torture and Abuse Kittens

Three Watsonville, SANTA CRUZ County, California, USA Children To Face Animal Cruelty Charges In Torture Of Kittens

Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter Announced They seek to Charge Three Children, Of Watsonville, California, USA, All Under Ten Years Old To Face Felony Animal Abuse charges in the death of one kitten and the torture of two kittens late last week.

Witness Reports Alleged To Have Seen The Children One As Young As Five Years Old Are Suspected Of Repeatedly Throwing and Slamming One Of  The 6 Week Old Kittens Against A Wall And Hanging The Other Two Kittens By A Rope!

Two Girls and One Boy Aged 5, 7, and 10 were seen by witnesses as they tried to Swing and Strangle Two of the Kittens. The Kitten who was repeated Thrown and Slammed Against The Wall Suffered Brain Damage and Had To Be Euthanised.

It happened in Watsonville Sunday night, where a witness called in the Animal Abuse to Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter Investigators.

Patrick and Henry are slowly recuperating and acting like playful kittens. They will be available for adoption. Credits:  Facebook/Animal Friends Rescue Project

Patrick and Henry are slowly recuperating and acting like playful kittens. They will be available for adoption.
Credits:  Facebook/Animal Friends Rescue Project

Two of the Three, Six Week Old Kittens Now Named Patrick and Henry, Pictured Above Survived the Horrendous and Sadistic Attack can’t see right now because of their injuries.

Animal Friends Rescue Project Volunteer Melissa Finley said the Kittens were Swung Around Several Times On A Noose Causing ONE Kitten to get a Severe Eye Infection.

“Because the Ligature was so Tight it Caused a Change in Pressure in the Eye,” said Finley.

Very Sadly, The Third Kitten Was Not So Lucky as the other Two Kittens, Patrick and Henry. It Was Thrown Against a Wall Repeatedly and Had To Be Put Down Because of Too Much Brain Damage.

Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter staff say if a witness hadn’t come forward fast enough, these two kittens may not even be alive right now.

“We want to send a clear message that this is absolutely unacceptable behavior by these children towards these defenseless animals,” said Melanie Sobel.

The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter investigators are recommending Felony Animal Cruelty Charges. Something Shelter Manager Melanie Sobel said these children deserve.

“This needs to be addressed right now, because it could escalate into more serious egregious acts of violence against humans or animals. Serial killers; there’s a 100% correlation between all of them having Abusing Animals as Children. It doesn’t mean these Children are going to grow up and be Serial Killers, but all serial killers have abused animals as children,” said Sobel.

An article in PsychologyToday.com contends that childhood animal cruelty is the first warning sign of later delinquency, violence, and criminal behavior. Virtually all violent criminals have had a history of animal cruelty and abuse. Children who abuse animals most commonly are children who have been abused themselves or have witnessed abuse.

As for the survivors, Patrick and Henry they are on the road to recovery and will be ready for adoption in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

“They’re getting more comfortable and more quickly and playing around like that,” said Finley.

One of the Kittens needs to have an Eye Surgery that will cost over a thousand dollars. If you’d like to donate you can visit AnimalFriendsRescue.org.

Click here to donate online : AnimalFriendsRescue.org Donation Patrick and Henry

Source: Central Coast News, USA

Useful Links: Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter and Animal Friends Rescue

Protection 4 Animals Worldwide

Protection 4 Animals Worldwide

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