All Animals in Our Sanctuary To Be Killed

Its looking very much like, short of a Miracle Happening, The Protection 4 Animals Sanctuary in Ireland is Going To Loose Its Battle and All Animals Will Be Killed.

15 Years Ago Mícheál Caomhánach better known as ‘Mike’ established a ‘No-Kill‘, ‘Home for Life’ Animal Sanctuary in Ireland.

It all began with a stray Collie Dog terribly traumatised later to be called ‘Rascal’ that no one could get near to. The local farmers were threatening to shoot her but Mike told them not to shoot her, he would take responsibility for her.

For some reason she was hanging around the boundries of Mike’s home. So he left out Dog Food in a bowl, walked to just inside his own boundry while the Collie watched from a distance. Mike walked back to the house, away from the boundry fence, with a gap left open. As soon as the Collie could see Mike was a good distance from the food, she made her way, very cautiously to the bowl of food and ate it while keeping her eyes on Mike.

Mike went back into the house and watched from the window while the Collie explored Mike’s back yard, that included some old farm sheds and an acre of land. Once there was a safe distance between the gap in the fence and the Collie, Mike closed the gap in the fence.

'Rascal' Collie Dog First Animal Rescued by Mike who setup an Animal Sanctuary and later Protection 4 Animals

And so it went on, Mike would place the bowl as far away from the house while still inside the boundary, while ‘Rascal’ watched on from a distance; she had now taken to sleeping inside one of the sheds at night. She would wait until Mike would go into the house at night and Mike would watch through a window as she went into the shed.

 In the morning she would always be outside of the shed waiting. Over a period of 4 months, Mike gradualey placed the bowl of food nearer to the house, allowing ‘Rascal’ to gain his trust and her confidence, he was not out to harm her. It took 3 months before she first allowed him to stroke her. She sadly died last year, never letting another human being to touch her. But she lived a happy life and was much loved and is still very much missed.

Over the following years she witnessed over 200 Animals arrive to their new home and she got on with them all and to them she was the boss.

At one time Mike had 26 other Dogs, 32 cats, 20 Ducks, 1 Hen and 2 Rabbits at his house. Then came a request to take a Pony, which was later called ‘Red’ that had been beaten with an iron bar by a farmer across its back and legs. So Mike rented some farm land and took the Pony in because no one else would.

More Ponies followed, then 8 Donkeys and over time 28 Horses. The largest intake in one go was 60 Red Deer that a farmer had stopped feeding and the Agriculture Department were going to KILL. Mike stepped in, rented a Farm for all the large Animals including the new intake of 60 Deer. The Protection 4 Animals Ireland Sanctuary was born.

The Sanctuary had a policy of taking in only those Animals that all those well funded, well known shelters would have KILLED. It became their home for the rest of their natural life.

Mike never set up a Charity but funded everything the Sanctuary needed from his work as an IT Tutor, he committed the last 15 years to the Sanctuary 7 days a week, never having one day off, not one holiday. Any spare money he had was always needed for the Animals, sometimes going without food himself.

Three weeks ago, the beginning of April 2012 the owner of the farm suddenly announced he had to sell the farm because he had financial difficulties and he had already found a buyer. Mike paid the rent annually and the next payment would have been due on the 1st May 2012.

30 Red Deer Presently Left with 3 Days To Live Before They are KiLLED

All the large Animals have been taken in by 30 different local farmers on a tempory basis until Mike can sort out the land problem.

Mike had a stroke just after Christmas with the stress of the down turn in the Irish Economy and the worry of him finding the money for the Sanctuary.

The Deer can not be moved on to just any land, as the land has to have special fencing erected and handling facilities installed.

The norm is for land rent and leases to be agreed in the Winter months ready for the spring when Animals can be let into fields to feed on grass after spending the winter fed on hay and silage.

Mike had just let out the Animals on to the fresh new grass, when the owner of the land informed him, he was selling the land. Therefore it has proved impossible to find land to rent at this late stage in the season as all vacant land has already been rented out.

The only land available is land ‘For Sale’, Mike has no funds to buy land as he was never able to save because all the money he earned went into the Sanctuary. The Deer are too old to travel to another country and what’s needed now is a miracle.

To make things worse the new owner has made himself known to Mike and he is phoning to see if arrangements have been made to remove the Deer from the land. So it goes without saying he is not going to do Mike any favours by giving him more time.

StopFurTrade was also Founded by Mícheál Caomhánach

A sponsor is needed to buy or supply land urgently, a corporate business or multi-national that would have the funds to donate and help create a charity, would be ideal.

If the land can not be found for the Deer in 4 Days they will all be KILLED. If that happens and word gets round, the farmers looking after the other Animals will begin looking for them to be taken off their land. That would only mean certain death for those Animals as well.

If you’re reading this article, please don’t waste time, pass it on to everyone you know and ask them to do the same.

If you know the contact details of any multi-national CEO’s, please pass them on or even better if you know them personally yourself perhaps you’d be so kind as to pass this information.


Author: Mary Callery       Published: 24th April 2012

Protection 4 Animals Worldwide

Protection 4 Animals supports the total banning of the Fur Trade. Currently while officially Dog and Cat Fur is banned in many countries, this does not apply to the Raccoon Dogs being Skinned Alive for their Fur. Make no mistake this is a Barbaric process carried out by Brutal Chinese workers, that beat the Dogs with Iron Bars, Kick them, Stamp on them and Slam on or against concrete walls to stop them struggling. Then the Fur is Slowly torn from it’s body in the most agonising and sickening way. They are then thrown to one side where they suffer the most horrendous death, that can last up to 3 hours.

Please Sign Our Petition To Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive in China for Fake Ugg Boots, Slow, Sickening, Horrific Deaths.

Please Click Here To Sign Our Petition

These poor animals need your support, tell all your friends and family, thank you.

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