Man Who Killed and ate A PUPPY

A  Man who KILLED and ATE a PUPPY in Front of Horrified Onlookers, Including a Five-Year-Old Child, Has Been Fined More Than $2500.

Daniel Thomas Adriaens from Fitzroy Crossing appeared in Fitzroy Crossing Magistrate’s Court yesterday before West Kimberley Magistrate Colin Roberts, who had previously described the incident as “abhorrent and shocking“, and the worst case of animal cruelty he had seen.

Adriaens, a chronic solvent sniffer living in a humpy near the Fitzroy River, pleaded guilty in September last year to ill-treating the animal but claimed he had killed it humanely.

The court was told that about 6pm on April 23, 2011, a passerby had heard a puppy yelping near the river and found Adriaens cutting its throat with a knife. By the time police attended, he had gutted and roasted it and cut off its ears, storing one in his backpack.

He told police he had done it because he was “starving hungry”.

Magistrate Roberts fined Adriaens $2500 plus costs for the charge of animal cruelty, and $500 plus costs for a charge regarding a burning permit.

Source: The West AU News

Homeless Dog Repeatedly Shot in the Face and Blinded

Eva is only a few years old but has spent her entire life as a homeless dog. Trying to find enough food and avoiding dangers of the streets is hard for every homeless cat and dog, especially with the shooting

Eva Homesless Dog Repeatedly Shot and Blinded

Eva Homesless Dog Repeatedly Shot and Blinded

The only thing she had to look forward to in her days is waiting until evening when a kind man put food out each night. Nadim had been looking after Eva ever since she was born and she was very friendly to him.

On 17 April, like almost every night, when Nadim finished work he came with food and Eva was waiting – wanting attention and her daily meal.

The next morning Nadim woke to a terrible sight.

Eva was laying in the bushes near Nadims apartment building, her eyes closed tight, head bleeding, and though she was in obvious pain she didn’t make a noise.

Eva might have known that Nadim would likely be the only person who would help her.

Eva is only a few years old but has spent her entire life as a homeless dog

Eva is only a few years old but has spent her entire life as a homeless dog

All at once we received a Phone Call, Email, and Facebook Post about this poor dog.

Nadim was desperate for help, quickly explaining that it seems like Eva had been shot and needing assistance to transport her to a vet and help with her treatment.Eva was  safely moved to the car and brought to vet clinic.

She was still quiet with blood on her face, and she was shaking from pain or fear.

X-rays showed that she had been shot repeatedly with a pellet gun, pellets were still lodged under the skin of her face and head. This can be treated and she can recover, but the pellets also harmed both of her eyes and Eva might never be able to see again.

She was also heavily pregnant, and about to give birth.

The vet put her on pain killers and antibiotics but had to be careful to protect the unborn puppies. She was resting by herself, scared and stressed out from what she had endured and now being unable to see, but she would be fine.

Later that day when the vet went to check on her one puppy had already been born. Then another, and another, until later that evening six newborn puppies were all nursing and cuddling up against Eva.

Eva and her puppies were taken to a quiet home so she can recuperate from her wounds and the puppies can be safe.

Eva and her puppies were taken to a quiet home so she can recuperate from her wounds and the puppies can be safe.

Eva and her puppies were taken to a quiet home so she can recuperate from her wounds and the puppies can be safe.

Dogs on the street are often shot or poisoned as an inhumane and ineffective way of controlling the population, but Eva was shot and blinded for no reason at all. She was no harm to anyone and was never aggressive.

Eva and her five puppies will require a couple months of care and treatment, and possibly a surgery to remove any of the remaining pellets.

Please donate now to help this family of dogs and they will all be ready for adoption soon.

Source: Animals Lebenon

Kittens Beaten with Bat

Pregnant Mom and Sons Accused of Beating Kittens With Aluminum Bat

Brooksville, Florida – A pregnant mother in Brooksville is accused of beating two kittens with an aluminum bat. The kittens’ injuries were so severe that one of them died and the other is badly hurt.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office says it happened at the Hill N. Dale Community Park at 6460 Boxwood Street in Brooksville around 7:30 p.m. Friday. But detectives say witnesses told them that 24-year-old Wilana Frazier didn’t act alone. They say she allowed her young sons to participate too. Her son’s are 5 and 8.

Four kids at the playground told detectives they watched as Frazier beat the two kittens, who were just a few weeks old. Patrick Pace, a supervisor with Hernando County Animal Services says one of his animal control officers responded and found one of the kittens “unconscious and unresponsive.”

One witness told investigators that Frazier stood by as one of her young sons tried to cut the kitten‘s neck with a stick. The witness says the boy threw the cat, then put it in a swing and kicked it repeatedly.

Witnesses also say Frazier joined in as another one of her sons beat a second kitten, doused it with water and dumped it in a trash can. That kitten died. But thanks to a little boy who rescued the other kitten, it survived.

The Surviving Kitten, Now Called 'Dexter'

Dexter, the Kitten that survived the horrendous ordeal

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office questioned Frazier and they say she denied beating the animals and said her two kids weren’t a part of it either. She’s been charged with not only animal cruelty but two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a child.

Meanwhile, Dexter is under the care of a local veterinarian now. Pace says, “Well, right now Dexter is recovering and his recovery could be long due to head trauma, head injury, you know, with swelling on the brain. It’s sort of uncertain, but stay posted. When information becomes available and Dexter’s ready to get into a new family and into a new home, we’ll make it available.”

Frazier has bonded out of jail.

Pace says the issue of unwanted kittens is huge due in part to the economy, but they have all types of programs and special services to take care of the animals and to try to find them all good homes.

Published Source: Tammie Fields, 13th July 2011

Protection 4 Animals Worldwide

Protection 4 Animals Worldwide

Protection 4 Animals supports the total banning of the Fur Trade. Currently while officially Dog and Cat Fur is banned in many countries, this does not apply to the Raccoon Dogs being Skinned Alive for their Fur.

Make no mistake this is a Barbaric process carried out by Brutal Chinese workers, that Beat the Dogs with Iron Bars, Kick Stomp, Slam them against concrete walls/floors to stop them struggling. 

Then the Fur is Slowly Torn from their bodies in the most agonising and sickening way. They are then thrown to one side where they suffer the most horrendous deaths, that can last up to 3 hours.

Please Sign Our Petition To Stop Raccoon Dogs Being Skinned Alive and Suffering a Slow, Sickening, Horrendous Deaths. Click Here To Sign Our Petition These poor animals need your support, tell all your friends and family, thank you.

You can Email Protection 4 Animals by Clicking Here.

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