Sadistic Woman Violently Beats Puppy

California Woman Arrested Following Violent Attack On A Puppy

On Wednesday, a OakhurstMadera County, California, USA woman called ‘Janice Aguilar‘  was arrested by Police and placed behind bars for Repeatedly Beating and Slamming on the Ground a Young Labrador Puppy.

California Woman Janice Aguilar Violently Beats Puppy

Sadistic Janice Aguilar Violently Beats and Slams Puppy To The Ground

The Oakhurst woman was behind bars on Wednesday night after Authorities said “she Beat a Puppy So Badly That Even Veteran Law Enforcement Officials Were Shocked”. 

According to witnesses, they claimed to have observed 39-year-old Janice Aguilar Beating a Puppy and Repeatedly Slamming its Small Body Into The Ground.

Following the beating, Aguilar was seen flagging down a car and leaving with the injured puppy, Madera County sheriff‘s spokeswoman Erica Stuart said.

According to the Police report, the driver of the vehicle attempted to take Aguilar to two different veterinary clinics in order for the puppy to be treated, but the Aguilar refused and asked to be dropped at a park instead.

Deputies were called by Aguilar’s neighbors in the Sierra Nevada foothills town of Oakhurst around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday when they saw her beating the puppy and banging it on the ground, Stuart said, 

Following the Sustained Beating before Deputies arrived Aguilar had already put the Injured Puppy described by Stuart as “Crying in Pain” into her backpack and flagged down a passing car. This had been according to witnesses who saw Aguilar Stuff The Puppy That Was Still Alive But Terrible Pain and Grievously Injured Puppy Into A Backpack.

The driver of the car drove Aguilar and the dog to the offices of two separate veterinarians, but according to Stuart, Aguilar refused to bring the puppy into either office for treatment. And, according to Stuart, after the second stop Aguilar asked to be dropped off at nearby park, got out of the car and walked away.

“The sick part of this, the witness could hear the dog whimpering, and assumed the woman wanted go to a vet,” Stuart said.

“Instead she got dropped off near a park,” Stuart said.

The Puppy, believed to be a Labrador mix only between 8 and 11 weeks old, was found by another witness who saw the Severe Pain the Puppy was in and thought it was beyond help and felt the only thing to do was to put the Poor Puppy out of its Terrible Pain and Misery, Madera County sheriff’s spokeswoman Erica Stuart said. 

I have dealt with Animal Neglect, but I have never Dealt with such an Extreme Case of Cruelty to an Animal,” Stuart said.

Aguilar, who told Deputies that the Puppy was attacked by a Pit Bull, was booked into Madera County Jail late Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of Animal Cruelty and Death.

Bail information, if any, and a Court Appearance Date was not available on Wednesday evening.

Witnesses have stated that the Puppy Was Still Crying In Pain. 

Source: KTVU.                                                                                                                                                                    

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Protection 4 Animals Worldwide

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Homeless Dog Repeatedly Shot in the Face and Blinded

Eva is only a few years old but has spent her entire life as a homeless dog. Trying to find enough food and avoiding dangers of the streets is hard for every homeless cat and dog, especially with the shooting

Eva Homesless Dog Repeatedly Shot and Blinded

Eva Homesless Dog Repeatedly Shot and Blinded

The only thing she had to look forward to in her days is waiting until evening when a kind man put food out each night. Nadim had been looking after Eva ever since she was born and she was very friendly to him.

On 17 April, like almost every night, when Nadim finished work he came with food and Eva was waiting – wanting attention and her daily meal.

The next morning Nadim woke to a terrible sight.

Eva was laying in the bushes near Nadims apartment building, her eyes closed tight, head bleeding, and though she was in obvious pain she didn’t make a noise.

Eva might have known that Nadim would likely be the only person who would help her.

Eva is only a few years old but has spent her entire life as a homeless dog

Eva is only a few years old but has spent her entire life as a homeless dog

All at once we received a Phone Call, Email, and Facebook Post about this poor dog.

Nadim was desperate for help, quickly explaining that it seems like Eva had been shot and needing assistance to transport her to a vet and help with her treatment.Eva was  safely moved to the car and brought to vet clinic.

She was still quiet with blood on her face, and she was shaking from pain or fear.

X-rays showed that she had been shot repeatedly with a pellet gun, pellets were still lodged under the skin of her face and head. This can be treated and she can recover, but the pellets also harmed both of her eyes and Eva might never be able to see again.

She was also heavily pregnant, and about to give birth.

The vet put her on pain killers and antibiotics but had to be careful to protect the unborn puppies. She was resting by herself, scared and stressed out from what she had endured and now being unable to see, but she would be fine.

Later that day when the vet went to check on her one puppy had already been born. Then another, and another, until later that evening six newborn puppies were all nursing and cuddling up against Eva.

Eva and her puppies were taken to a quiet home so she can recuperate from her wounds and the puppies can be safe.

Eva and her puppies were taken to a quiet home so she can recuperate from her wounds and the puppies can be safe.

Eva and her puppies were taken to a quiet home so she can recuperate from her wounds and the puppies can be safe.

Dogs on the street are often shot or poisoned as an inhumane and ineffective way of controlling the population, but Eva was shot and blinded for no reason at all. She was no harm to anyone and was never aggressive.

Eva and her five puppies will require a couple months of care and treatment, and possibly a surgery to remove any of the remaining pellets.

Please donate now to help this family of dogs and they will all be ready for adoption soon.

Source: Animals Lebenon