Ban All Live Exports: National Rally Day, 14 AUG 2011

Australia: Ban All Live Exports – National Rally Day, 14 AUG 2011

Australia Ban Live Exports Nation Rally Day 14 AUG 2001

Who should attend?

If you care about animals and want to see an end to cruelty, then this event is for you. Live animal export is undoubtedly the cruellest trade in Australia. Sending millions of animals to be killed in countries where they suffer brutal treatment and where there are no laws to protect them is indefensible. This is your chance to join with others at a family-friendly event to rally for a kinder future free from live export.

Why August 14?

Historic bills to end the cruel live export trade will bevoted on in parliament on Thursday August 18 2011. This is your opportunity to join with other caring Australians to show public support for this important legislation.

What will happen on the day?

  • Hear from Animals Australia investigator Lyn White, RSPCA campaigners, leading politicians, and other inspiring speakers
  • Mass petition and letter signing
  • Other campaign activities

What can I do in the lead up to the event?

In the lead up to the Ban Live Export National Rally we need your help to show politicians that Australians haven’t forgotten the unforgivable cruelty from Indonesia that aired on Four Corners, and that continues to happen to Australian animals exported throughout Asia and the Middle EastClick here to take action today.

Where can I find more information?

Visit for latest updates and announcements, join RSPCA or Animals Australia or contact us for further enquiries.

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